About Us

Welcome to Annie’s Trash or Treasures

Company History
Welcome, my name is Michelle. I have been selling merchandise for about 20 years between on and off line.
From 2002-2005 the business name was Shelly’s Unique Gifts. Remaly’s Books and Collectables started in January 2006. When the business started to sell more books then gifts, it was more then fitting to change the name. In April 2007 the partnership ended and this is how Annie’s Trash or Treasures began. I also started a Consignments program for those who did not want to handle with unwanted items. The company motto is “Feed the mind, Read a book”. The company believes that reading books is a very important tool for knowledge for these reasons below:
1. Reading builds your vocabulary words
2. Introduces you to new places
3. Broadens your horizons

I hope that for every book that is sold, it will educate that person a little more.
The categories of books that I carry are a large number. I carry both new and used books. Here is only a partial listing:
Cookbooks, Children’s, Sci-Fi, Health, Fiction, Non-Fiction, History, The Occult, Religion, Biography,
Textbooks, Self-Help, Parenting, Reference, Native Americans

For collectibles we carry a wide variety of different items as well. Angels, Native American, Barbie Accessories, Holiday decor, House decor, Medieval, Cookie Jars, Hot Wheels and so much more. VHS movies is one of our biggest sellers. But my breakables is located at antique malls

My new partner helps me with the business and his name is Dan. We have 1 on-line stores at the moment and we have 2 malls we are set up in at the moment. I am working on expanding and adding more malls. When I finish school, we will sell at flee markets again. One day we would like to open a brick and mortar store. But until we get tired of traveling, that will not happen anytime soon.

.We enjoy working our business. We get to meet some nice people along the way plus the bonus of traveling and seeing the country. You can say that we get to do a lot of things in one package: read, travel, meet new people, spend quality time together, and run a business. Who could ask for any more?

Mission Statement:

  • Our goal is to find products at a great value and pass that savings on to you.
  • Our goal is to keep usable items out of our land fields.
  • Our goal is to help find that hard to find items or replacement items for your collections.
  • To offer great customer service.
  • To have open lines of communication with you.
    And if you are not happy with your order we will to try and resolve it in a professional manner. We strive to have satisfied customers.