If I need to ask a question how would I do that?
Questions are welcomed. Just send us an email to anniestrashortreasures@gmail.com and we will return an answer within 24 hours. But most emails are answered sooner.

How soon do you ship out an order?
We ship out orders with in 48 hours after payment is made. Unless you are paying by check and we hold the order until the check clears through our bank.

How soon do you expect payment?
Payment for all items must be made within 10 Days. If you are mailing your payment we need to know this so we can be looking for it in the mail. If we do not receive an email from you by the 10th day on the 11th the order will be canceled.

What kind of payments do you except?
We accept Paypal, checks (must clear our bank before orders are mailed), money orders, and Google checkout.

How do you ship your items?
Items are shipped USPS Media Mail for books

Do you combine shipping on multiple orders?
We will be more than happy to combine shipping on orders!

Where do you ship to?
Yes we do. We ship to Canada, Alaska, Virgin Island, Guam, Puerto Rico and Hawaii
But Please Note: We only accept Paypal payments from International buyers. Also, we are not responsible for merchandise not passing customs. We will be happy to sell you items as long as it is legal in your country.

Have you sold on the internet or anywhere else before?
Yes, I have sold on EBay for a few years now. But it has only been recently that we have advanced. I also sell on other sites on line. I have been selling off line for over 15 years now. I also have booths in Antique Malls located in Burlington IA and Alexandria MO. You will also find us at the Southeast Iowa Pigeon Club located in West Burlington, IA one weekend a month during the summer.

How well are you at keeping the customer informed of their order?
We value our customers and offer friendly service. I like to keep my customer informed. As soon as I am notified of a sale, I will contact the customer. If they make a payment in the mail, I will notify them upon receiving it. Once the payment is received, I will let the customer know when the order will be mailed. Once the order leaves the facility, I will let the customer know and provide them with a Delivery Confirmation number unless the payment is made through Paypal then the number will be sent to them automatically. Then if I have not heard from the customer upon delivery, I will email them to make sure they received the item alright.

Final note:
If you have not found an answer to a question you may have, Please feel free to email me!!